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New Character
Name; Twilight the Hedgehog
Age; 18
Sex/Sexuality; Homosexual Male
Family; Shadow(Father,41), Silver(Mother,39), Caspian(Brother,22), Eclipse(Sister,20), Thunder(Brother,20), Xania(Sister,18), Aurora(Sister,18) and Kami(Sister,9)
Status; Alive
Relationship; Ace the Hedgehog, 20
Personality; Twilight is a happy, enthusiastic, naive and yet tough hedgehog with an IQ of 187, two PhD’s(Mathematics and Psychology), a BA(Chemistry) and an eidetic memory.  He’s been through a lot under his school days, but always got support from his siblings. He’s very gentle and kind, but you might get a good kick to the gut if you pick on him, his family or his friends.    
Work; Twilight works at the BAU in Washington DC with all of the people from ``Criminal Minds´´(Crossover Alert!!XD). He’s now the youngest of the team after Reid. In my universe he was brought in instead of Blake, as an extra profiler and technical support when they need it on the scene and/or in a suspe
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Personal Stuff- Eyes by Workgirl98 Personal Stuff- Eyes :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 1 0 Sonic Meme Of Doom!! by Workgirl98 Sonic Meme Of Doom!! :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 0 3 Sonic Fan Chara Meme by Workgirl98 Sonic Fan Chara Meme :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 0 3
Sonic FF: The Return To Earth Ch 2
Ch 2: Friends, Old And New
*Normal POV*
The silver hedgehog slowly opened his eyes as he sat up.
"Ohh, I think I passed out or something…" He mumbled scratching the back of his head. Suddenly he heard a horn and a bright light coming towards him. He cried in horror as he jumped out of its way. Suddenly a second one came from his right, but he quickly jumped away from that one as well. Now a third one came from behind, but this one was to close to get away from. He crossed his arms in front of his face as he hoped for the best, when suddenly, it stopped… He looked up as he saw a huge truck right in front of him. He was amazed by its size, but it didn't seem so impressive in mechanic, he had seen Tails with greater vehicles…
"Hey, this isn't Halloween ya know, so get out of my way!!!" A truck driver waved down his side window with his fist, Silver was amazed that a creature like that talked his language, what are they called now again? Right, humans! But where is he exactl
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Sonic FF: The Return To Earth Ch 1: Prolouge
Ok, this story will contain; yaoi, action, violence, drama and slight comedy.(Maybe not this one, but the other chapters WILL!!)
You have been warned, now Enjoy<3

Sonic FF: The Return To Earth Ch 1: Prologue

*At Angel Island, Espio and Tikal's house*
The purple chameleon walked towards the house, holding a special object in his hand. His lover waited for him on the backyard, sitting on a chair in the moonlight. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight as it reflected on her orange/red quills. For every step he took closer to her, the more secure he got on his decision. As he stood only a meter away from her he stopped, she hadn't noticed him yet.
"Tikal…" She turned her head towards him when she heard his voice calling for her, she smiled and got up.
"No, please, sit down…" He sounded nervous on his voice, but she did as he said. He walked to her, kneeled before her and took her soft hand in his.
"Tikal, I love you and I always wil
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Shadilver: A Dear Promise Part 3(The End?)
Shadilver: A Dear Promise Part 3
When the two hedgehogs arrived at Shadows house, the black one carried the silvrich hedgehog to the couch and started to kiss his neck. Silver moaned and shivered in pleasure. But while the black male kissed his neck, Silver started to wonder.
"Shadow?..." The black hedgehog looked up to his lover when he heard his name.
"Yes?" The silvrich hedgehog took a deep breath before continuing.   
"Can you wait with… 'that'?" Shadow looked into Silvers golden eyes and saw… No, it can't be… Fear? He though for a bit, then he got it, he knew what Silver was afraid for. The naive hedgehog had always talked with him about it, his fear in relationships…  
" You're afraid that I just want you because of…'that'?" Silver looked away and nodded. Shadow smirked, how could he not have think about that?
"Alright then…" Silver looked chocked at Shadow. He was serious?
" I'll show you that I just don't want you a
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Shadilver: A Dear Promise Part 2
Shadilver; A Dear Promise Part 2
The next morning the silvrich hedgehog woke up slowly opening his eyes, that's when he noticed that he wasn't in his own home. He quickly sat up looking around in the room. He was at the hospital. He didn't remember much from last night, only a knock on the door and a hit in the back head…
'But I didn't expect anyone last night, so who took me here?' the hedgehog asked himself in his mind.
"So you're finally awake? That took some time…"
Silver turned his head to face the door, his heart skipped a beat when he saw who it was, Shadow. The masculine and handsome black hedgehog that Silver had a secret crush on, but always treated as a really good friend. He and Shadow had many things in common, one of them was that they were both misunderstood, different, and yet so much alike each other.
Shadow walked closer to the bed and sat next to Silver.
"How's the head?" Silver moved his hand towards the wound only to feel a paralyzing pain when he
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Shadilver, A Dear Promise Part 1
It was a rainy night, cuite usual now in the autumn. A familiar black hedgehog named Shadow walked down the sidewalk, not caring about the rain soaking his clothes and quills. He felt so lonely, alone in the big world. Sure, he got friends, but something was missing, he didn't know what, but something was missing alright. He was walking towards the home of the only one he knew he could talk to, Silver the Hedgehog, one of his closest friends.
'He will understand me, I mean, who else could?' the black hedgehog thought for himself while walking towards the house.
When he arrived he noticed that the lights where still on, but the door was wide open. He walked into the hallway, looking for any signs of his white friend, but nothing.
"Silver? Are ya in here?" No answer. The black hedgehog walked into the living room to find his friend, and he found him alright, but not as predicted. The white hedgehog was lying on the floor, with a crack in the scull and the house was all trashed down, like
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Shadilver by Workgirl98 Shadilver :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 3 2 The Abstract Swan by Workgirl98 The Abstract Swan :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 2 3 Original, Before Photoshop... by Workgirl98 Original, Before Photoshop... :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 0 2 Photoshop... by Workgirl98 Photoshop... :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 0 2 My statment... by Workgirl98 My statment... :iconworkgirl98:Workgirl98 0 7


Mature content
Schtrippt, Pt. 1 :iconyamixyugi:YamixYugi 172 32
PokeSonic - 1 by xShadilverx PokeSonic - 1 :iconxshadilverx:xShadilverx 145 144
Tale of Origin Chp 11
Tale of Origin
By Arecus. Conberma
Chapter 11: A Prince Missing and Twists

Warning: HUGE heartbreaking.
The next morning, it was another new day at Cosium, but a deadline to a specific merhog. Sapphire stared out of the window, gazing sadly upon the ocean where her home was. All Sapphire could think about was Kaze, his kindness, his smile, and his gentleness. But most of all, it was his loniness that got her attention. She found out that she and the prince had a lot in common; they both felt trapped, hunger for freedom. She knew deep down that the two of them had a connection, it had been there since their first time "spoke" to each other.
She knew her time had come, she only had time until today's sunset, might as well told Kaze her feeling before she went back to the ocean. As much as she hated good-bye, she had to do it; she had made the deal, she must paid the price.
Sapphire swept her dress straight and looked herself into the mirror, making sure it was flawle
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Tale of Origin Chp 10
Tale of Origin
By Arecus. Conberma
Chapter 10: So Close!

Warning: Blood!
--Present Time--
So far, everyone's jaws dropped to the floor after they heard the shocking discovery. Their eyes were still locked on the visual smoke, waving from Darren's magic.
Amazing, or no words could describe the information and a new story they heard and witness; "Whoa" and "Dang" were the only things they could respond.
Sonic raised up his hand, but Darren stopped him with a warning of irritation, "One more word from you mister and it's straight to bed."
The blue hedgehog quickly put his hand down and had his mouth shut. Darren went continued his story, though Trails curiously asked while whispering to Darren, "Exactly what was Sonic's question anyway?"
"I don't know, I just want him to be silent." Darren whispered back with a smirk and a playful wink at his adopted son.
Trails closed his eyes, smiled, and shook his head lightly with understanding.
And the story continued....
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Becoming A Ninja - 4 (Final) by xShadilverx Becoming A Ninja - 4 (Final) :iconxshadilverx:xShadilverx 172 151 Becoming A Ninja - 3 by xShadilverx Becoming A Ninja - 3 :iconxshadilverx:xShadilverx 205 145 Becoming A Ninja - 2 by xShadilverx Becoming A Ninja - 2 :iconxshadilverx:xShadilverx 217 159 Chibi Hedgies 16 - Mephilver Doodles by Kawaii-Week Chibi Hedgies 16 - Mephilver Doodles :iconkawaii-week:Kawaii-Week 161 77
Well, then.
You guys....
You guys, seriously.
Just read a bit of this ---
Oh, gosh, I can't stop laughing.
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Chibi Hedgies 15 - Silver Troll by Kawaii-Week Chibi Hedgies 15 - Silver Troll :iconkawaii-week:Kawaii-Week 127 58 Sonadilver - Lost in Limbo - 30 by xShadilverx Sonadilver - Lost in Limbo - 30 :iconxshadilverx:xShadilverx 114 201 Chibi Hedgies 14 - Madness by Kawaii-Week Chibi Hedgies 14 - Madness :iconkawaii-week:Kawaii-Week 175 81 Father Splinter by MiniMightyMichelnglo Father Splinter :iconminimightymichelnglo:MiniMightyMichelnglo 175 29 Chao Comic Strip by xShadilverx Chao Comic Strip :iconxshadilverx:xShadilverx 458 219


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